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Brains vs. Brawn: Is there a need to choose?

For years we have been told that simultaneous pursuit brains and brawn is rarely possible, and may even be counterproductive to healthy brain ageing. Certainly traumatic brain injury from certain sports is to be avoided. But emerging evidence suggests that robust anabolic exercise may in fact be one pathway to reduced risk of dementia, as well as stopping or slowing cognitive decline in its tracks. In this talk, Prof Fiatarone Singh will present epidemiological and experimental evidence that weight lifting and other robust forms of exercise may be just what the doctor should order and what the brain needs for optimal neuroplasticity in the face of physical and psychological stressors leading to accelerated cognitive decline and ultimately dementia in some individuals. Current evidence for the types and doses of exercise which may be most protective for brain function and opportunities to become involved in clinical trials researching this field will be presented.

Prof Maria Fiatarone Singh, M.D., FRACP,

Professor Fiatrone Singh is a geriatrician, and held the inaugural John Sutton Chair of Exercise and Sport Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, and Professorship, Sydney Medical School since 1999.

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