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2019-2020 – A Year to Build


It’s not earth shattering news, but membership is probably the most critical issue facing the club. We tragically lost two valuable members last year and their presence is sorely missed. On a positive note we welcomed Athula as a new member. His busy surgery schedule means that making our meetings is difficult for him, but we should see him better engaged with the club soon, helping out at BBQs.

So, I would like to make a big effort this year with membership. Our target is 4 for the year. We almost have Cindy on board, and a friend of mine that came to the changeover has put his hand up… so we are almost halfway there (but if we make 4, we won’t rest on any laurels!). We also have a volunteer, Vanessa from the Middle Dural pre-school.

I would also like to put a committee together for membership – get some real focus on a major headache….so if you are interested, please let Alf know.


I could be accused of having been a bit blunt last night regarding how Rotary is perceived in the community. We have all heard the anecdotes, but I have personally heard the objections when I have talked about what we do as a club; “I thought Rotary was only for well off business men“, or “isn’t that an old person’s club?”. This is blatantly not true and we need to address it. It seems that the next generation down has forgotten how to put their hands up.

Rotary at a global level has recognised that we need to shake that off. There are many ideas on how to counter this, but the most expedient way is simply to engage better at community gathering points. For example, it would be excellent if once a quarter we set up in the shopping precincts at Round Corner and Glenorie (to coincide with the BBQ there) with a table and banners and collar those keen Rotaractors to help us spruik our club and its deeds. We should also be looking at the Growers Markets at Dural Country Club and Glenorie.

On those days, getting more members than necessary – all with the Rotary shirts on – will create a buzz and get us noticed, and hopefully remembered.

Working Smarter in the Community

By now you should all have received an email inviting you to look at a list of notable names in the area and provide some sort of commentary on those people you know about. I am convinced that between all of us, we should be able to press forward and achieve a better profile locally. This will help us with raising funds as well as membership.

Mark Buckingham
President 2019 – 2020

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