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Mark presented a new handout brochure that seemed to be well received. After various members gave their feedback, the final brochure has been drafted. Members can see this draft by clicking the button below.


Mark also presented a plan for corporate membership that also seemed to be well received. In a nutshell, the corporate plan:

  • Charges the organisation an annual sponsorship fee.
  • The organisation can nominate up to three employees to represent them at our meetings.
  • One or more of the employees can attend our meetings. Attendance at each meeting is not mandatory, but at least four meetings per year must be attended.
  • Corporate sponsorship is an opportunity to form a tight bond with a business to ease the flow of sponsorship to our projects.
  • Because the relationship is with a business, the membership is likely to last longer as employees move on.
  • As employees move on, we have an opportunity to engage their new employer (if in area).

A copy of the Corporate Membership Initiative from RI can be obtained by clicking the link below:


Dural Rotary serves the parents in our community by way of a mental health forum

Dural Rotary hosted a forum for parents of Galston High School and local feeder schools on the evening of Wednesday 4 September 2019 at Galston High School.  Over twenty parents attended. Through the school’s P&C, parents expressed their main areas of concern in raising their children and asked Dural Rotary to organise an evening session to better inform them.

The Evening’s Format

L-R: P Pres George, Peter Casbolt, Suzanne Coleman, Leanne Hall and Robyn Preston MP

Speakers were psychologists Peter Casbolt and Leanne Hall who you may remember were recipients of Paul Harris Fellows at the Club’s recent Changeover Night in recognition of their contribution to our high school mental health forums.

The format for the forum was slightly different to that in the past. Peter and Leanne gave a detailed yet brief summation of their topics then asked for questions which were answered together. Peter spoke about positive strategies to resolve issues with their adolescent children, while Leanne covered body image, social media and promoting positive mind and body.  

Several parents were ready with their questions about issues they face. This proved most beneficial and resulted in an informative and relevant session. It opened up discussion and it was evident that no one family stood alone as they resolve challenges in raising their children. 

One take-home message was that parents should validate their children and not judge them. Listen to what they say, understand, connect.  

Our attention was drawn to a poem “If I had my child to raise over again” by Diane Loomans which you might enjoy (right). 

At the conclusion, positive comments were received from parents and the school Principal and Deputy Principal, and it was a general consensus that a longer session would be most beneficial. Clearly there is a need in the community for parents to receive professional guidance as they raise adolescents in this everchanging world.

Dural Rotary was well represented by Paul Baumgartner, MC for the night, and Marlene, Joan Forno, President Mark Buckingham, Frank Chapman and Ruth, and Sue Coleman. 

Dural Rotary once again served the community by way of this parent forum and thanks are extended to sponsors Galston & Community Bank – Bendigo Bank, and beyondblue and Headspace for fact sheets and printed material.

Sue Coleman

Mental Health Coordinator



Gavin presented a comprehensive overview of the latest advances in cancer treatment. As most of us are aware, cancer is an insidious disease the continues to confound the best minds in the world. The latest developments include highly individualised medication and ever improving early detection.

A very interesting session – also well attended!

a/Prof Gavin Marx



Val has been quietly and consistently providing hundreds of jars of jam that are sold at various events we hold. Thanks Val!

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