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The meeting was a joint in-person and Zoom meeting. We now have a 360 degree camera that can sit in the middle of the meeting and will focus on who is speaking. This means that some of our members that are unable to attend in person can still join in with the fellowship and news.

Glenorie Club

President George opened the meeting and presented his ideas regarding Glenorie’s offer of space on the Glenorie Club’s Facebook page in the lead up to our meeting there on October 20th. He will be meeting there on Oct 8th to work out how to get branded content to them via Stephanie.

Mark suggested that we all put in a list of “headlines" about something Rotary. If everyone can think of 5 and email them to Mark, he can maintain a list.

Mark kicked it off with “Community Service is not always a Sentence", George suggested a list of all the causes Dural supports as per the Treasurer’s report on the Changeover booklet.

Banner and Brochures

Mark reported that the new brochures and a pull up banner (for use in the Glenorie Club foyer) will be ready for the meeting at Glenorie on October 20th.

Dooral Roundup

George reported that he had seen an article in the Dooral Roundup on our Changeover BBQ, this should help us with a bit of background for the Glenorie membership push.


The BBQs at Bunning will re-commence on Nov 1st. Joan reported that there are some quite strict guidelines as to how many can be on the crew and each member needs to be designated as a predefined position.

We are still waiting on word from Glenorie Woolworths regarding their sessions starting up again.

Guest Speaker – John Lane Smith

John presented an excellent session. He spoke about the best way to approach new people about our Rotary club and how to engage them in the back stories. The ideal approach is to get prospective members to identify with why it would be a good idea to look into membership.

John started by asking for some stories from our members about why they joined Rotary. The varied answers showed that each of us truly believe that we are giving to our community in some way. Whatever the reason, it boils down to:

  • An opportunity to contribute locally
  • A great way to get to know people in the local community

Another useful take away was that with the advent of so many of us working from home, many people may be looking for ways to connect with others outside the house. They are missing the social interaction that a workplace offers.

So, when we start back up with the BBQs – we will need to be taking every opportunity to speak with anyone buying from us about what we do for the community – NOT simply asking if they want to join. The new brochures will help with that as they have some good stories – and we all have our own tales to tell.

Please see below for a recording of John’s session.

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