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Did You Know …

  • That three quarters of all women killed in NSW die at the hands of their loved ones?
  • Domestic violence is responsible for approximately 2 in 5 of all homicides and assaults in NSW?
  • NSW Police deal with an average of 370 instances of family and domestic violence each day?
  • Statistics relating to robbery, car theft and street violence have fallen compared to the rise of domestic violence related incidents?
  • There is a high incidence of repeat offenders?
  • Domestic violence services are seriously underfunded?
  • Domestic violence is universal and does not only happen in the poorer areas?

The Lisa Harnum Foundation is a not for profit foundation with charitable status

Our mission and vision is to eradicate this epidemic with ONE BIG SHOUT which will continue until we see this senseless violence eradicated from our community. All donations received are tax deductible with 100% of all monies going directly to service provision.

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