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Dural Rotary has raised millions of dollars over the last 53 years. Last night we got the chance to see first hand what that funding can do as we hosted Mrs Jane Phillips to speak at our club.

Jane is a researcher at Flinders University and has spent the last 12 years studying the management of lymphedema, a chronic life-long resulting in a reduced quality of life. Jane’s research is co-sponsored by Dural Rotary through Australian Rotary Health.

Her presentation certainly generated a lot of interest in the lead up to the meeting and attendees were not disappointed.

Whilst Primary Lymphedema is not life threatening it is certainly life changing and debilitating for sufferers, especially children. With no cure and complications that occur in many cases, the impact on lifestyle can be severe.

It is always good to have a presentation from someone who our club has helped with funding and access. It’s why we do it!

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