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What a night!

In order to support the “Youth Mental Health Forum” project of the Dural Rotary Club, the Australia Wenzhou Association (AWA) hosted a fund raising event “Happy & Healthy” last Saturday the 21st July at the Galston Community Centre.

Mr. Dongliang Yang, The President of the AWA, showed his great respect to all Dural Rotarians and stressed the importance of Youth Mental Health. The President of Dural Rotary Club, George Truelove, responded and gave a short speech to introduce the club to the Association and some of the 2018 projects, including the Youth Mental Health Forum.

The whole event would not have been possible without the assistance of Silvia, George, Clarrie, Ivan, Shane and Joan, who were on board with the event from very beginning, including planning, booking, setting up, traffic management and many other tasks.

The Dooral Early Learning Centre is very proud to support the “Youth Mental Health Forum” project help raise awareness of Youth Mental Health issues in our community.

The initiator of the project Sue Coleman supported “Happy & Healthy” by summarising the previous forum content and shared the points with the audience on How to Improve Youth Mental Health. Both Live Auction and Silent Auction went very well during the night.

LJ Hooker Dural kindly provided an Auctioneer who did a great job, getting a great price for the six live auction items, ably assisted by Clarrie.

EFTPOS machines were provided by the Bendigo Bank Galston and played a great role in the silent auction, allowing the cashiers to get payments very smoothly.

The support and encouragement from Dural Rotary members such as Barry Chain, Paul Baumgartner, Mark Buckingham and Bob Onikul were just as sweet as the desert that everyone brought along for the night.

The night was a brilliant celebration of Australia Wenzhou Association’s 4th Anniversary, filled with love, gratefulness, Chinese Culture, Wenzhou people’s enthusiasm and tasty food.

Other support from community groups and individuals is appreciated:

  • Yunshang Performing Arts Group
  • W FM Art Studio
  • Australia Wenzhou Youth Association
  • 1788
  • Maggie
  • Jianqiu
  • Huilin
  • Linda
  • Boyi
  • Jianfan
  • Xiaoli
  • Yangzhong
  • A Fen
  • Zhonghai
  • Linjie
  • Amber
  • Meimei
  • Cindy
  • Cathy
  • Dear Hammer
  • MaMa’s WoK

$4000 raised!

The gross proceeds of the event were $4,000.00 and a cheque was donated by AWA to the club on the night.

Fund raising can be fun! Hope you all enjoyed the night.

Sue Coleman speaking about the Youth Mental Health Initiative

President George introduces Dural Rotary to the AWA

Dongliang Yang, President of the AWA presents a cheque to Dural Rotary

Click image for full size slide show.

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